Why the ‘f***ing’ ‘finally’ we got ‘The F***ing D-list’

Why the ‘f***ing’ ‘finally’ we got ‘The F***ing D-list’

Fittingly, the D-List is an acronym for ‘f**k off, f**k yourself, f*** off, bitch, f****** and bitch.’

While there are many reasons to dislike the acronym, it also has a number of purposes.

One of the most prominent of those is to signify the utter and utter futility of the DList and the failure of the media to care about it.

In the aftermath of Trump’s election, the media continued to ignore the Dlist even as the country was coming to grips with the consequences of its candidacy.

In a series of articles published by Vox on October 13, 2017, Vox writer Amanda Hess wrote that the Dlists “seems like a great idea when it was just a name for a bunch of tweets” but the media didn’t bother to address the fact that it was a politically loaded slur.

“When the D Lists began to appear on Twitter, the mainstream media immediately took a moment to analyze the meaning and context of the acronym,” Hess wrote.

“And that, for most of the people who had a D List, meant a lifetime of feeling like a racist asshole.” “

The only thing that mattered to most of us at the time was that we were still in the country,” Hess added.

“And that, for most of the people who had a D List, meant a lifetime of feeling like a racist asshole.”

It was only after Hess had gone on to describe how the D lists continued to be used by people who were, at the same time, victims of racism and white supremacy that the media took notice.

In 2016, CNN published an article titled ‘A Year of Hate: How We Got Here and What We’re Going to Learn in 2018’ that described the rise of the Trump D list in the United States.

“Since Election Day, the Trump Twitter feed has become one of the main sources of news for many of us who live in this country,” the article read.

“We’ve been told repeatedly that the president is a bigot, racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic racist.”

While the article did not go into details of what Trump’s D-listers had done to deserve this label, it was clear that their actions and their behavior were not acceptable.

After all, the president-elect is not known for being particularly kind to people, and his policies were often harmful to the very people he was elected to serve.

It is easy to forget that Trump was not born with a particularly bright future, but he also did not come to office with a mandate to be someone like the D list.

In fact, it is widely assumed that the reason Trump was elected was because of his ability to appeal to a segment of the white working class.

As a result, the “f*** off” and “f**ked yourself” D-lists continued to show up on Twitter for many people, who did not immediately realize the negative consequences of their behavior.

A group of Twitter users called the #D-ListLists Twitter group became a way for people to organize and discuss the D listers, while others in the group started to talk about how the media had failed to do their job.

The #DListListers Twitter group grew to include several hundred users who joined the group and created a subreddit called #DlistListers on Reddit.

While the subreddit was not officially launched until March 2017, its members quickly became prominent.

By March, the #Lists were regularly trending on Reddit and many users started sharing the D’s tweets and D Lists on social media.

The hashtag #Dlists was a popular hashtag among the Dlisters, which is what ultimately led to the group’s rise to prominence.

As of October 20, 2018, the group had over 8,300 members.

This is a screenshot of the @DListLoL group’s Twitter feed, showing the hashtag #ListListListList on October 20.

The number of members in the #listlistlists subreddit is displayed in the screenshot above.

Many of the tweets posted by members of the group are similar to those found on Twitter: #Dlisters are not real.

These are not the real Dlister.

It’s not just me, or my mom, or anyone else, who thinks they’re real.

It isn’t even about the Trump people.

It wasn’t just my parents who said they were Trump people in the first place.

It was all of us.

The DListLies subreddit was one of many online communities that sprung up around the hashtag.

Some of these communities include The Daily Dot, Tumblr, Reddit, and even The Atlantic.

The people who create the DListers were often extremely vocal and aggressive, using the hashtag to vent their frustrations about the D Listers.

As the Ds list continued to rise, the members who had the most followers on Twitter became the ones with the most influence over what was


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