Why the PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles are so similar

Why the PS3 and Xbox 360 bundles are so similar

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, headquarters to check out a few of the PS4 bundles.

These are the bundles that Microsoft and Sony are touting to potential customers.

The PlayStation 4 bundle, if it ever comes to fruition, will likely come in the form of two PlayStation 4 systems: a 4K model that can be upgraded with a DualShock 4 controller, and a 2K model with an Xbox One controller.

This new system is a bit different than the other two PS4 models, though.

The DualShock four is no longer a controller, but instead a smaller, lighter version of the traditional one, with a new charging port, a larger speaker, and wireless charging support.

Sony is also using a different connector than Microsoft for the Xbox One console, which means the new bundle will only be compatible with the controller on the controller itself, not the headset.

The Xbox One will be released on October 28th, and the PlayStation 4 will arrive on November 5th.

Both of these systems will have a lot in common, as Microsoft and PS4 have been around since 2009, and both companies have launched new hardware and software platforms over the past few years.

The PS4’s most significant change is the addition of a wired controller, as the PS Vita has had one for some time now.

This system will also come with two wireless controllers, which will also be compatible for use on the PS VR headset.

That headset, however, will only work with wireless controllers that use a separate headset for the controller.

The Sony PS4, on the other hand, will include an HDMI port, meaning it can support up to eight simultaneous 4K monitors.

The HDMI port will also provide a wider range of input devices than the PS 3, which makes it a good fit for those who have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR headset, as well as those who want to run multiple games at the same time.

Microsoft and PlayStation have also included a new feature called Remote Play, which allows the PSVR headset to play games from your PS4 or PS3 in VR.

This means you can watch movies and TV shows in full-screen or split-screen mode, or even watch your friends play a game in VR on the couch.

This is a good feature for those wanting to play a full VR experience with their PS4.

The new PS4 system also has a new power supply, with an additional USB-C port and a mini-HDMI port to allow for more devices that you can connect to your PS3.

Both PS4 and Xbox One bundles will have an Ethernet port, which lets you connect multiple devices to the system, and there will be two USB-A ports.

Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 bundles also have two HDMI ports, but the PlayStation 3 bundle only has one.

The only other significant difference between the PS 4 and Xbox Ones is that Microsoft will only support DualShock 3 controllers for use with the headset, whereas the Xbox 720 bundle will support both DualShock controllers for game play.

PS4 players will also get an upgrade to the new Kinect sensor for the PS5 and the Xbox SmartGlass accessory, which is an accessory that works with Xbox One games.

The bundle is also expected to include a wireless charging port for PS4 owners who have one of these consoles, and this will be compatible in the future with the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Both bundles will come with a built-in headset.

Sony will be launching its own console in 2018 called the PlayStation VR, and Microsoft is currently working on a new version of its Xbox One that will run on the PlayStation Platform, but these new bundles are expected to launch at the end of the year.

Both consoles will also include the same games, which we will discuss below.

The first major difference between these bundles is the Xbox one will only come in a color option, with black as the default color, while the PS1 will come in two colors: blue and white.

Both Xbox and PS bundles will also offer an upgrade that is only available on the first PS4 systems, though: a USB-cable adapter.

The cable will work with both PS4 controllers and the PS 360 headset, and will also work with the PS Move controller and the Kinect sensor.

The cables will also fit into a new slot on the left side of the console, allowing the PS One to be held in place with one hand while the other is on the console.

Both devices will also have the same connectivity options as the Xbox Ones.

Both systems will also support a new Remote Play feature that will let PS4 gamers play games with their headset on their TV.

The Remote Play technology lets PS4 users use their PS5 controller and Xbox controller together to play on-screen games, or use the controllers to control other devices on your TV, such as an Xbox gamepad.

Both players will have the option to send commands from the Xbox controller


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